InterMotive products are designed for class 1-7 work trucks, law enforcement, ambulance, fire truck, transit, school bus, RV and personal-use mobility vehicles. Most of our products are plug and play connections to the OEM chassis with no cutting of factory wires.

Products may vary by make, model or year. See instructions for complete details.

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Speed Limiter Products

Speed Sentinel™ (SS)

Description: Limits the maximum vehicle roadspeed. Includes passing mode and emergency response override. Some applications can be limited in Drive and Reverse.
Industry: Ambulance | Fire Truck | RV | School Bus | Transit | Work Truck
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Chassis Applications:

Ordering Options:

Add the letter(s) to the end of the part number (e.g., B-SS502-DX).

  • X: No LED/Harness
  • ND: No Datalink Connector, GTWY/HL

Ordering Spec Sheet (Product Configuration Form):

SS Config Form

Switch Control

Intelligent Switch Module (ISM)

Description: Allows for custom programming of the AUX or radio buttons on the steering wheel. Buttons can be configured to function as momentary, latching, timed or progressive and used to activate lights, sirens, spotlights, etc.
Industry: Law Enforcement
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Chassis Applications:

Ordering Spec Sheets (Product Configuration Forms):

Vehicle Interface Module (VIM)

Description: Allows an aftermarket radio to be controlled with the OEM steering wheel radio buttons and provides real-time chassis signals.
Industry: RV | Work Truck
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Chassis Applications: