InterMotive Help Center

Technical Support

Tech Support:
6 am to 5 pm Pacific

Bill Dahl
530-823-1048 ext. 159

Steve Morsy
530-823-1048 ext. 162

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Customer Care

Returns and Warranty inquiries:
7 am to 4 pm Pacific

Jesse Jennings
530-823-1048 ext. 103

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Sales Support / Orders / Service Parts

All InterMotive products and service parts are sold through our master distributor, LGS Group, Inc.

NOTE: Orders will not be processed without the install vehicle’s make, model, and year details. Please have this required information available.

Replacement Service Parts:
775-831-2002 ext. 205 or 214

Product Sales Inquiries and Orders: 

Debbie Cabrera, Inside Sales Supervisor
775-831-2002 ext. 214

Danny Bowers | 775-831-2002 ext. 205

Bryce Grenon | 775-831-2002 ext. 215

Catrina Undieme | 775-831-2002 ext. 216

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