Placing Orders

How to Place an Order

All InterMotive products are sold through our master distributor, LGS Group, Inc.

NOTE: Please have your vehicle’s make, model, year and engine information available.

Order Form:
To expedite the process, please download, complete and email the Product Order Form.

Work Truck, Transit, Mobility, School Bus and RV product sales inquiries and orders:
775-831-2002 ext. 205

Law Enforcement, Ambulance and Fire Truck  product sales inquiries and orders:
775-831-2002 ext. 214

Replacement Service Parts:

Website: LGS Group, Inc.

Order Spec Sheets (Product Configuration Forms):

To create custom configurations for the products listed, complete the appropriate configuration form and include it with the order. There is a fee for custom configurations (waived for AIM and BOM products).

To create custom configurations on site, the IPU programming utility can be purchased. Contact sales for more details.

Aftermarket Interface Module™ (AIM) Forms

Blackout Module (BOM) Forms | *REQUIRED WHEN ORDERING*

Break Out Box (BOB/BOBe™) Form

CATalert™ (CATA) Form

EcoLock™ (ECL) Form

EcoStar (ECO) Forms

EcoStar III (ECO3) Form

eVolution (EVO/WIN) Form

Gateway (GTWY) Form

IdleLock™ / IdleLock with AutoSense™ Forms

Idle Timer Controller (ITC) Form

Intelligent Switch Module (ISM) Forms

Police Interface Module (PIM) Forms

Speed Sentinel™ (SS) Form

Upfitter Interface Module® (UIM) Forms

UIM4 Form