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Ordering Service Parts

You've come to the right place for ordering InterMotive products and replacement parts that are:

  • No longer working
  • Not under warranty
  • Older than 2010

All InterMotive products and service parts are sold through our master distributor, LGS Group, Inc.

Replacement Service Parts:
775-831-2002 ext. 205 or 214

FAQs on Service Parts
Where do I find the configuration number for my Gateway product?

Also known as a Conf., Cfg., Cal. or programming number. It is located on the side of the module, the right-hand side sticker up at the top. 

Below are example photos with the number circled:


How can I tell if my Ford Econoline has a transmission code of E or U?

The transmission code is noted on the VIN label. Below is an example photo with the transmission code circled.

However, some vehicles are labeled as a U transmission but actually have an E transmission. Here's how to tell:

  • If the transmission code is an E, then when the doghouse is pulled off, there should be both a GREY CIRCLE 4-Pin connector and a square connector. We will connect to the GREY CIRCLE.
  • If the transmission code is a U, there will be two BLACK SQUARE 16-Pin connectors. If it is a U, then we will need to verify that there is the black square with the 16-Pin.
  • View a sample transmission diagram for reference.
  • If the transmission code is none of the options listed, then you will NOT need a trans harness at all.
How do I find the Merlin MMS file name?
  1. Turn the vehicle ignition on.
  2. Watch the Intelligent Switch Panel screen.
  3. After approx. 5 seconds, the file name will appear.
  4. If you miss the file name, turn off the ignition and repeat steps 1-3.

See example below:

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