Tutorial Videos

Welcome to the Tutorial Video Library

Here you will find step-by-step videos on installation, programming and troubleshooting for InterMotive products.
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Installation Videos

Blackout Module

Datalink Harness Install

Multi-lead Harness Install

Transit Datalink Harness Install

IdleGuard™ Install

Idle Timer Controller Install

Firmware/Programming Videos

FlexSpeak™ ADA Talking Bus Updating Route Files

FlexSpeak™ ADA Talking Bus Updating Configs

Firmware Example

FlexTech™ Diagnostics

FlexTech™ Firmware

FlexTech™ Programming

Gateway/ILISC GUI Programming

Programming Idle Reduction Systems

Pulling Data: Idle Reduction Systems

Upfitter Interface Module® GUI Programming Examples

Product Detail/Troubleshooting Videos

Break Out Box Connections

Brush Tool for Module Diagnostics

Expansion Board Connections

FlexTech™ PRPC Connections

FlexTech™ Training Session 1

FlexTech™ Training Session 2

FlexTech™ Training Session 3

Gateway for FlexTech™

ILISC/LOCK CAN Voltage Check


ILISC/LOCK Voltage Input

Switch Backer Board Connections

Wiring a Suppressed Relay