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Teach your vehicles new tricks.

InterMotive is celebrating its 25th anniversary! Learn more.

What We Do

InterMotive Vehicle Controls provides commercial safety and performance optimization products. Our plug and play electronic control systems leverage a vehicle’s own data networks to enhance its function in new ways. We specialize in custom solutions for law enforcement, ambulance, fire truck, work truck, transit, school bus, RV and mobility industries.

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InterMotive News

New tech from InterMotive displayed at STN Expo Reno focuses on student safety

InterMotive celebrates its 25th anniversary

Reaching a milestone: InterMotive builds its 500,000th product

InterMotive offers enhanced safety with new rear seat belt feature on CAN data product

Dump Truck Warning product helps prevent collision accidents

InterMotive offers total vehicle security with cabinet lock alarm system

AutoSense locking technology boosts safety in InterMotive products

Upcoming Trade Shows:

FedFleet | Washington, DC | Jan 25-27

MACP Winter Conference | Grand Rapids, MI | Feb 9-10

SWTA/TTA Joint Conference | Austin, TX | Feb 22-26

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