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Returning Products and Parts

For details on how to request a return and return eligibility, read our Product Return policies.

To obtain an RGA for a return, or for general questions about returns, please contact Customer Care.

FAQs on Product Returns
If I replace an InterMotive part under warranty, do I get an additional two years on that part?

Unfortunately, no. For example, if your current warranty expires 12/31/20, the replacement part expires on that original warranty date.

I installed an interlock on my vehicle in 2016, and replaced the module last week due to a failure. Can I register it for the two-year warranty?

Unfortunately, no. When an out-of-warranty part is replaced, it carries a 6-month warranty only.

Why do I need a serial number when requesting a return authorization?

The serial number determines if the part is a under one- or two-year warranty.

I bought a part from LGS Group and no longer need it. Where do I return it?

All parts returns are sent to InterMotive. LGS Group is the master distributor for InterMotive, and doesn’t accept returns at their locations.

Once your RGA is requested and sent to you, the return address will be at the bottom of the form.

I work for a repair center. Can I purchase parts directly through InterMotive, or do I have to go through a dealer?

Parts can be purchased directly though InterMotive. Contact Tech Support and we can take a credit card number over the phone.

If I give you my VIN, can you tell me what parts are installed on my vehicle?

Yes, we can, if the parts installed have been registered via our website. If not, the builder or upfitter will have to give you the information.

I just bought a mobility van and the dealer gave me a stack of warranty cards for the products on it. How do I find out what your products do?

If you contact Customer Care and provide the Model Number on the warranty card, we can explain how the product works.

If you prefer to read information online, you can go to the Products page or the Instructions page, and look for your specific Model Number to find out details.

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