Company History

Our Origin Story

InterMotive, Inc., was founded in 1996 by Greg and Linda Schafer. Greg's experience as a former design engineer at General Motors and Ford, and Linda's skills as a Communications major helped set things in motion.

Like many awesome companies, their first office was the kitchen table, then the garage. Booming sales soon afforded an official location in Fairfield, California.

Initially performing accident inspections and expert witness cases for OEMs, the company quickly began exploring product design. Some of the first products included the Overdrive Inverter for work trucks, hood louvers for law enforcement vehicles and Taxi-Lock. One of InterMotive's first big customers was PG&E.

As the company grew during the early 2000s, headquarters moved between Auburn and Colfax, California. In 2010, InterMotive settled down in Auburn and in 2012, a Midwest facility was opened in Elkhart, Indiana.

In 2014, Linda and Greg founded LGS Group, Inc., to become the master distributor for InterMotive, with its current headquarters located in Reno, Nevada.

With 25 years of significant and continued growth in products, sales, offices and personnel, InterMotive has become a leading manufacturer and designer of electronic vehicle control systems.

We offer the latest technology in optimizing vehicle safety, fuel economy and productivity to meet the ever-evolving needs of our customers.