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Blackout Module



The Benefits of EcoLock™




IdleGuard™ Features


IdleLock™ Alarm Demo

IdleLock with AutoSense™

Idle Timer Controller

Pre-Trip Module


Speed Sentinel™

Surveillance Mode Module™

Theft Prevention Products

Upfitter Interface Module®

Break Out Box (BOB/BOBe™) Videos

Break Out Box Intro

Break Out Box Ordering Specs

Break Out Box Connections

EcoStar™ III Videos

EcoStar™ III Enhanced: Demo

EcoStar™ III New Features

EcoStar™ III Demo

EcoStar™ III Mobile App

EcoStar™ III App: Live Chassis Data

EcoStar™ III App: Configuration Overview

EcoStar™ III App: Config Programming Part 1

EcoStar™ III App: Config Programming Part 2

EcoStar™ III App: Config Programming Part 3

FlexSpeak™ Videos

FlexSpeak™ ADA Complete: Demo

FlexSpeak™ Audio Messages

FlexSpeak™ Features

Police Interface Module Videos

Police Interface Module

PIM Auto Park Override

PIM Engine Stop/Start Override

PIM IdleLock with AutoSense

About Us Videos

About InterMotive

InterMotive and PRIDE Industries

IdleLock™ Plug & Play Kit

Stop Wasting Fuel

Customer Product Videos

Blackout Module
Courtesy of Bush Electronics

Surveillance Mode Module™ (Charger)
Courtesy of Bush Electronics

EcoStar™ III
Courtesy of Refrigerated Rental Vans