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FAQs on Products
How do I know which product I have?

All our modules display part numbers and serial numbers on the front or sides; either will identify the product.

Where do I find your module on the vehicle?

We use the Controller Area Network (CAN) to communicate with the vehicle. Look at the harness connected to the OEM On Board Diagnostic connector (OBDII).

In between the black connector that you connect your scan tool to, and the red connector of our harness, is an 18-inch arm of the harness that is connected to our module.

The product did not come with installation instructions, where do I get them?

All our product information is available on our website. Diagnostic flow charts, total installation instructions, and wiring diagrams of our products can be found on the Instructions page.

Will this product function on this year’s or next year's vehicle model?

We control the model year update through our firmware versions. Contact InterMotive Tech Support for the latest firmware version available for your system.

Can I change the configuration setting myself?

Many of our products allow end user configuration using one of our graphical user interface (GUI) programs. 

Contact InterMotive Tech Support for applicable systems and available GUI programs, or browse our Downloads page.

Do you have somewhere local I can take my vehicle for repair service?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide on-site repair service for our products.

InterMotive Tech Support offers phone/email technical support for any customer and/or repair facility.

Can I uninstall this product from my vehicle?

If the vehicle is privately owned, the product can be removed if desired.

However, the Department of Transportation (DOT) requires a lift interlock be installed on all public transportation vehicles. 

Where can I get replacement parts for the product?

Customers can purchase all necessary replacement parts through LGS Group, master distributor for InterMotive.

For more information on replacement parts, visit our Service Parts page or contact Sales Support.

Is my product still under warranty?

Warranty is determined by the serial number of the part.

Contact InterMotive Customer Care with the serial number from the module to determine warranty status.

Will installing this product void my vehicle’s factory warranty?

Our products are tested and designed to interface with the OEM systems on your vehicle. Most of our products include plug and play connections to limit cutting OEM harnessing, and are passive on the CAN network wherever possible.

Many vehicle manufacturers recommend using our products on their vehicles.

In addition, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act helps to protect consumers from their warranties being voided unfairly.

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