Catalytic Converter Anti-theft Alarm

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Theft Statistics
  • Catalytic converter theft has increased almost 293% nationwide in the past two years*
  • The highest thefts have been reported in California, Texas, Minnesota, Washington and Illinois*
  • Replacing a catalytic converter can cost between $1,000 to $3,000

*According to the State Farm Claims Data Report

Protect your catalytic converter with CATalert™

CATalert works on any commercial vehicle chassis. Any attempt to remove the catalytic converter or disable CATalert will honk the horn.

An output signal provides options for:

  • Activating interior lights
  • Reporting real-time tampering or theft via telematic devices.

CATalert supports up to two catalytic converters as found on some vehicles (three-cat solution coming soon).

Get peace of mind and avoid costly replacements with CATalert.

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