AutoSense™ Technology

Make your vehicle security automatic.

InterMotive fob

AutoSense™ technology is a product feature that automatically locks vehicle doors or locks the transmission in Park, depending on the application.

Save time with this convenient security feature, perfect for delivery vehicles, law enforcement and other applications that require frequent exiting from the vehicle.

About AutoSense™ Technology
  • Door-locking feature automatically locks vehicle doors, auxiliary doors and cabinets based on the proximity of a fob to the module
  • Shift-locking feature automatically locks the transmission in Park based on the proximity of a fob to the module
  • AutoSense is activated using either an OEM or InterMotive supplied fob, depending on the application
  • Provides vehicle security while eliminating manual locking, keeping hands free
  • AutoSense is available on:
    IdleGuard™ - auto-enables Secure Park™ on the Dodge Charger Pursuit
    EcoStar III™ - key in/out idle reduction system auto-locks doors
    IdleLock™ - key-out secured idling system auto-locks transmission in Park

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U.S. Patent #10,870,411
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